User reference

Software Installation and Start Up

The software requires no installation. Just unzip the software archive to any directory.

The software is written in Java. To start the software, open file TOBBOT.jar. In many systems, this can be done by double clicking, and in others – via the command line:

java -jar TOBBOT.jar

If the software does not start, install the latest version of Java Virtual Machine.

Installation of Modules

To install additional module, unzip archive with module to the modules/ directory.

The Software Interface

The Software Interface

How the Software Works

The user selects a module and then adds and fills in table rows. Each row is a separate sub-job with its own set of values of variables.

When you press the Start button, the specified number of threads is activated. Each thread gets a job (row data + software settings), executes it and proceeds to the next job.

If the job has been done successfully, the row status (the state column) changes to + (plus). If it is found out that the sub-job cannot be executed, the row status changes to - (minus). The jobs that have not been executed during one cycle restart in subsequent cycles.

New Task

To create a new task, you need to:

  1. Select a module
  2. Add rows Rows > Add...
  3. Select all rows Rows > Select... > Select All
  4. Fill in the rows selected Rows > Edit Selected...

Filling the Table (Rows Selected)

Filling the Table

To fill in the rows, you need to:

  1. Select a column
  2. Enter a list of possible values (values can go in sequence / randomly)
  3. Specify a place to insert the value (at the beginning of the current value, at the end, overwrite)

Software Settings

Settings are divided into the following groups:

  1. Action settings Settings > Action...
  2. Captcha settings Settings > Captcha...
  3. Proxy settings Settings > Proxy...

Action settings

Action settings

Captcha settings

Captcha settings

You can get a key after logging in any of the specified systems.

  • price: from $0,7 (it depends on the system load)
  • speed: medium
  • interface: EN, RU

  • price: from $0,7 to $1,29 (it depends on the selected package)
  • speed: high
  • interface: EN, ES, PL, RU

  • price: from 18 to 44 rubles (it depends on the system load)
  • speed: medium
  • interface: RU
  • good recognition of Russian captchas

Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings

To hide your IP address software can operate via SOCKS proxies or via Tor network. The proxy should be specified in the format IP:Port.

Paid SOCKS proxy:

Working via Tor network:

  1. Download and run Tor Browser
  2. Open window Settings > Proxy... and specify the proxy address:
  3. Open window Settings > Action... anc change the number of working threads: Max threads = 1