FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Why the Software is Free

Despite the fact that the software is unique, cross-platform, fast, stable, and can work with a large volume of data, it still remains and will remain free. I would greatly appreciate it if you could support the project.

No usual .exe file to run

The software is cross-platform, and .exe files are not used in all OS. Therefore, to run the software, you need to open file TOBBOT.jar. In many OS, this can be done by double clicking, and in others – via the command line:

java -jar TOBBOT.jar

The software does not see modules

If the full path to the software contains special characters, move the software to another directory and try again.

Action errors

Captcha recognition errors:

  • Captcha: ERROR_ZERO_BALANCE - negative balance
  • Captcha: ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE - low rate of recognition
  • Captcha: ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED - invalid captcha format

Network errors:

  • Unknown host address
  • Connection timed out

View Data in Excel

Job files are saved in CSV format with ; (semicolon) as a delimiter, which is supported by Excel. So you can use Excel for easier viewing of the jobs done.