List of software modules

$ Yandex Last20 Keywords

Parse last queries in SE Yandex (filter by key, write to file)

Accounts MailRu

Registration of email accounts on (4 domains)

Add URL Bing

Adding new pages in Bing search engine

Add URL Yandex

Adding new pages in Yandex search engine

Common Files

Set of files with frequently used code fragments

Del URL Yandex

Deleting old pages from Yandex search engine

MyWOT Checker

Check sites ratings in MyWOT system

Site Stress Test

Checking site operation under heavy load

URL Find Text (RegExp)

Search text on page (using regular expressions)

URL Find Text (Simple)

Search text on page (from string A, to string B)

Yandex Parser

Yandex SERP parser

Other modules (without description)


Warranty period for working capacity of paid modules: 3 days.

It is forbidden to share any parts of paid modules.

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